What Is StoryDevs?

Story­Devs is a com­mu­ni­ty for de­vel­op­ers of story-fo­cused games and vi­su­al nov­els. It's pur­pose is to pro­vide de­vel­op­ers with free in­fra­struc­ture that makes re­cruit­ing, sharing, and ed­u­cat­ing easi­er.

The Future

Story­Devs is under de­vel­op­ment. Here's what's in store for the fu­ture:

  • A Tal­ent Database that al­lows devs to make pro­files that are search­able by cri­te­r­ia such as avail­a­bil­i­ty. The first ver­sion will be for artists.
  • An ex­pan­sion of the Tal­ent Database to in­clude skills such as com­mu­ni­ty man­age­ment, criti­cism, edit­ing, pro­gram­ming & en­ter­tain­ment.
  • A pub­lic li­brary for ed­u­ca­tio­nal ma­te­r­i­als, his­to­ry, jour­nalism, re­cord­ed talks and their tran­scripts, re­views, and so on.
  • Fo­rums that are com­pata­bile with said li­brary, al­low­ing users to quote, embed, or con­vert ma­te­r­i­als to and from the li­brary.
  • A sche­d­uler that al­lows users to cre­ate pub­lic even­ts (streams, con­fer­ences, etc) which others can see in their local time.

How To Support

Story­Devs is made by one per­son: me, Jake Bowkett! If it sounds like your kind of thing please spread the word to friends and other devs. Con­sider be­com­ing a mem­ber or join­ing the Dis­cord. Money also helps cover serv­er and labour costs.

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